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What Is A Honeymoon?

What is a Honeymoon?

Why Is It Called a Honeymoon?

Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a honeymoon is a holiday spent together by a newly married couple following their wedding day. Alternatively, it can also mean “a period of enthusiasm”. The word is broken up into two words that mean separate things. “Moone” was referred to the body’s time of the month or cycle. So the words hony moone was the period where your life following marriage is sweet and peachy.

Length Of The Honeymoon Period?

A typical honeymoon can last anywhere from 7-14 days. Depending on your financial situation and the length of time you decide to choose. An ideal honeymoon never really ends. You might have hit the phase after the honeymoon where you are struggling to feel the same excitement as you did during that special time. Consider some of these small tips:
  • Give up on “the looks”.
  • Stupid Silly Arguments.
  • Having a kid?
  • Being a Team instead of acting solo.
  • Nobody said it is always perfect.
  • Joining bank accounts and financial ties.
Breaking these bullets down and explaining them some more. Giving up on “the looks” means to be super comfortable with your significant other and not to worry about judgement from them. Don’t give up on yourself, but don’t feel embarrassed to stuff your face with dessert. “Stupid Silly Arguments” means you argue with him or her for 5 minutes and you’re also over it within 5 minutes. You’ll forget about it the next day and move on. “Having a kid?” This one is pretty self-explanatory, do you already have or are you wanting to have a kid together? “Being a team and not solo” Build each other up and make sure that you are accomplishing each other’s goals in life. Two heads are better than one. “Nobody said it is always perfect” Nobody is perfect, and you must know what you’re getting into when selecting your life-long partner. “Joining bank accounts” Here is where things can get messy or very good for the both of you. It can be easier to manage finances when you have a single bank account, it also can become stressful. You both have to be mindful of spending and tracking the income versus expenses.

Honeymoon Destinations

Here is where the fun is (in my opinion). Picking a honeymoon spot can be very exciting. From the cities to the long-haul countries and private islands. There is a list of options when it comes to selecting a destination. This really just depends on your personal style and where you’d like to adventure. The best goal is to enjoy luxury without compromising for the bank account. A honeymoon should be special, technically they’re only supposed to happen once. Enjoy the other person and the time you are spending with them, try to forget about real-world problems and you’ll have a good time! Hopefully, this blog has helped you understand honeymoons better. If you’d like a little more information on honeymoons, check out another page on our site about them here or contact us today to schedule a getaway at your local Vermont Village Inn.

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