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As the only Bed And Breakfast In Woodstock VT with an outdoor terrace, we pride ourselves in the lovely, contemplative atmosphere we’ve created for guests to our inn. Every aspect of our environment was built with comfort and serenity in mind for anyone who is staying with us.
With our Garden Terrace Inn, we ensure that you will have a personalized experience. As you are staying with other guests and our welcoming innkeepers, the environment is perfect for individual guests to get to know each other. Our innkeepers promise to provide all with nothing but friendly service, individualized suggestions, and guides for activities in the Woodstock, VT area.
You will also have a great opportunity of getting to meet new people within our Garden Terrace Inn. If you enjoy being a social butterfly and enjoy talking to new people at any time of the day, then you will enjoy spending time in our garden terrace. We ensure that you have a great time mingling with other people with our cocktails, wine selection, and more. You could even exchange traveling tips with other travelers that you connect with. We love hearing the stories as well as creating long-standing connections and friendships with every guest that comes to visit us. It is one of the many joys of this establishment how inviting the entire place and all its patrons are.
Finally, one of the best parts of staying at a Garden Terrance Inn like ours is that you will have unlimited access to local advice. Our bed and breakfast is a built-in tour guide and we make sure to provide all sorts of local insight when it comes to wanting to find out where are the best areas to visit in Woodstock, VT. Feel free to mingle with our innkeepers on anything from restaurant recommendations to the best spots for shopping. We have a variety of suggestions for your interests! Our main goal is the satisfaction of anyone who comes to visit. We will prioritize your comfort and enjoyment over anything else. 


Purchase a glass of wine or a cocktail in our Tavern and stroll out to a shaded table or sunny spot for a serene place to sip with our Garden Terrace inn.  We’ll treat you to a glass of wine the first you arrive between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Curl up on a bench with a book or simply gaze at the trickling fountain and colorful flowers. From late Spring through Fall, our terrace is a great place to hang out after a day of discovering the many active and relaxed activities of central Vermont. Enjoy the sounds of our flowing pond and marvel over the colorful and adorable fish. It is the perfect environment to kick back and get lost in. One you can truly just relax and take in everything. This entire place was built with the idea of relaxation in mind and we have ever since then been trying to capitalize off of that.

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