Vermont Inn June Terrace Specials

New Orleans Garden Balconies

Beautiful balconies in New Orleans

Vacations evolve sometimes.  For us this year, we were scheduled to leave for France in the middle of April, but then the volcano in Iceland erupted.  We were visiting family in Pennsylvania at the time.  The airline rescheduled our flight, but not until five days after our original departure date. Not that we don't love seeing family, but we were really looking forward to going somewhere, and we really didn't think that we would ever get to France with the doom and gloom that was being put out by the newscasters.  On the spur of the moment, we decided to take a little trip to New Orleans, a place that always inspires us from many perspectives - amazing food, beautiful gardens, courtyards and wonderful antique shops.  To add to our fun, David's brother and sister in law joined us, quite a great surprise!
New Orleans Creole Cottage

A wonderful little creole cottage in the garden district in New Orleans

In New Orleans, we ate at many great restaurants. We particularly liked Restaurant Luke, owned by celebrity chef John Besh. They have amazing oysters and are known for their specialty cocktails. Three out of four of us chose the French 75, and we weren't sorry. A great cocktail, bubbly, not sweet, wonderful cognac for depth of flavor, and lemon to really open up the palate.  It is the inspiration for this month's summer cocktail special at our Vermont inn. Here is the recipe: 2 ounces cognac 1 ounce fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon sugar 4 ounces champagne or sparkling wine Combine the first three ingredients in a shaker, then fill with ice.  Shake, then strain into chilled martini glasses and add two ice cubes per glass.  Top each glass with two ounces of champagne.  If you are lucky enough to be able to find Parisienne brandied cherries from France (as we have),  put one in each glass.  If not, a lemon twist is lovely.
Villefranche Gardens

Beautiful gardens in Villefranche

Our three days in New Orleans were filled with great meals, great company, and wonderful antique shopping.  But alas, our time to leave was nearing.  On our last night there, we watched the news, and a pundit on CNN assured all of America that no flights would be going into Heathrow (our  stop over on the way to Nice) for at least a week.  Needless to say, we were so glad that we went to New Orleans, since our vacation in Nice looked to be in peril.
St. Paul de Vence alley

Terra cotta pots line the beautiful alleys in St. Paul de Vence

When we got back to Pennsylvania the next day, we were surprised to find that British Airways did not cancel our rescheduled flight - mind you this is just one day after the dire news on CNN.  So, already fat from New Orleans, back to the airport and off to Nice.  Mind you, not complaining, Nice is another mecca for inspiration for us.  Here are some photos of gardens that we fell in love with on the Riviera.  Our inspiration for our terrace comes from both the gardens in Nice, the magnificent walled cities of the French Riviera, and the courtyards in New Orleans.
Iris garden Villefranche

Wonderful iris garden in Villefranche

Rosé is the wine of choice for many locals on the Riviera, and it is our featured wine for the month of June.   The fact that it is served chilled, and that you are in a warm place, seems to make this the perfect drink this time of year.  It pairs wonderfully with the local cuisine, and it is also great just for sipping while doing some people watching!   We hope that you'll enjoy the same feeling here at our Woodstock, Vermont Bed and Breakfast on a nice summer day - relaxing on the terrace, watching the goldfish swim in the pond, and having a French 75 or glass of rosé.
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