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Dawn, Adam and goat

We are passionate about food. We make most things that we serve for breakfast here at our Vermont inn.  When we do use things made by others, we seek out the best local producers.  We have a new favorite local treat - Fat Toad Farm Caramel. Fat Toad Farm is a Vermont Goat dairy that makes goats' milk caramel, a sweet treat inspired by the traditional Mexican confection, cajeta. The farm also makes wonderful fresh goat cheese, but we are particularly smitten with the caramel. The caramel is really wonderful stuff just by itself, on a spoon, right out of the jar. Not exactly elegant presentation, but oh so yummy. We have also found it to be great on oven roasted apples and cranberries. The sweetness of the caramel is tempered by the tang of the cranberries, and the apples and goats' milk caramel are a nice take on a classic combo. Fat Toad Farm is on the Vermont Cheese Trail, which is a wonderful association of artisanal and farmstead cheese makers. The cheese makers are kind enough to invite visitors. Many are very small producers, so it is best to call ahead to schedule your visit. We did just that, and with friends Dawn and Adam in tow, we made the trip to Brookfield Vermont. It was a beautiful day for a  mostly uneventful drive, excepting the last mile or two, which involved some muddy roads. Once at the farm, two friendly dogs came to greet us, and introduce us to the cats and chickens wandering around.
Fat Toad Farm goats

Judith Irving and her goats

Judith Irving, one of the owners of the farm, introduced us to the girls and gave us a tour of the farm. This is an amazing place. The goats all have names and are very friendly; one of the cats, Hector, nuzzled with the goats; baby pigs snuggled in a pile of hay; chickens roam free amongst the dogs and cats. There are acres of pasture where the goats graze in the summertime. At the end of our visit, we sampled some of the fresh goat cheese that Judith's daughter and an apprentice were making. The cheese was flavored with pure maple syrup - what a great combination, and nice way to end our visit. Our minds are at work imaging heavenly cheesecake made of the stuff! In the meantime, we think that you'll enjoy the caramel if it happens to be on the menu when you are here at our Woodstock, VT bed and breakfast!
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