A sunny afternoon at Silver Lake


Silver Lake paddle boats

Our cute little paddle boat

Aah, the joys of early summer in Vermont.  A warm sunny day, Inn chores all finished, and a few hours before guests are due to arrive at our Woodstock, Vermont bed & breakfast.  Not a difficult thing for me to figure out what to do with myself- enlist a friend and make the short drive to Silver Lake State Park.  For just $3 per person admission, you get to experience one of my favorite places.  You can sun yourself on the grassy lawn that makes its way down to the lake, where you can go for a swim. 

Another great activity at the park is to rent a little paddle boat.  We did just that, and spent a lazy hour and half on the lake.  In that time frame we paddled from one end of the lake to the other, looking at all of the sweet little (and some not so little) houses and cottages along the lake.

Pristine Silver Lake

 For those that have more time to spare than I did today, you can pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it.  Ahhh, until next time, Silver Lake!

Holly Williams stays at the Village Inn of Woodstock


Lucky, that’s the only way to describe how I feel about my chance to meet Holly Williams and her husband Chris Coleman. If you haven’t heard of Holly, you will, she is bound to be wildly famous. She has an incredible voice, writes really moving songs, and just happens to be the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. and granddaughter of Hank Williams. The amazing thing is just how sweet and down to earth she and Chris are.

Holly Williams and Chris Coleman

Holly Williams and Chris Coleman

Holly and Chris stayed with us at the Village Inn of Woodstock for two nights this week. They had just come back from a tour in Europe, and after just a day or two back in the states, drove from Nashville to New York to start their tour with John Hiatt. This was their first night off in quite a while.  We feel lucky that they picked our Inn, and that we got to spend a few hours with them. Holly and Chris were so kind to invite us to be their guests at the Lebanon Opera House, where they were performing the following evening.

I hate to admit that I had not been to the Lebanon Opera House before this event. It is a beautiful little theatre in Lebanon, NH, only about a half hour drive from Woodstock. It’s the kind of venue that just doesn’t have a bad seat in the house because of its size. They’ve had lots of great acts that I would like to see, I guess that I just never made it a point to go. Like a lot of things in life, you figure that there will always be another opportunity.

Well, David and I just happened to be free the night of the concert, so off we went. All that I can say is that I was so completely blown away by Holly and Chris. She played several songs from her new CD, “Here with Me,” including a sweet thank you to her mother titled “Mama”, and a great steamy number titled “Three Days in Bed”. I could have listened to them play for much longer. Oh, and it was so sweet and utterly unexpected, Holly gave The Village Inn of Woodstock a great plug, saying how much she loved the Inn, the food, and the whirlpool tub. John Hiatt and the incredible musicians in his band didn’t disappoint either.

Holly Williams and Chris Coleman

Holly and Chris

There is nothing like seeing a live performance, the energy and the sound are just intoxicating. We feel lucky that we saw this show, we would not have gone except for meeting Holly and Chris. We realize how much we have been missing all these years.   Check out the Lebanon Opera House’s schedule to see if there is anything that interests you while you are in our area, it really is a terrific venue.

Last but not least, thank you Holly and Chris for crossing our paths. We feel so blessed to have met you, and wish you nothing but the best.  You are just the most amazing people in so many ways. We hope to see you at our Vermont Inn this summer!

Fun at Fat Toad Farm

Visit Fat Toad Farm

Dawn, Adam and goat

We are passionate about food. We make most things that we serve for breakfast here at our Vermont inn.  When we do use things made by others, we seek out the best local producers.  We have a new favorite local treat – Fat Toad Farm Caramel. Fat Toad Farm is a Vermont Goat dairy that makes goats’ milk caramel, a sweet treat inspired by the traditional Mexican confection, cajeta. The farm also makes wonderful fresh goat cheese, but we are particularly smitten with the caramel.

The caramel is really wonderful stuff just by itself, on a spoon, right out of the jar. Not exactly elegant presentation, but oh so yummy. We have also found it to be great on oven roasted apples and cranberries. The sweetness of the caramel is tempered by the tang of the cranberries, and the apples and goats’ milk caramel are a nice take on a classic combo.

Fat Toad Farm is on the Vermont Cheese Trail, which is a wonderful association of artisanal and farmstead cheese makers. The cheese makers are kind enough to invite visitors. Many are very small producers, so it is best to call ahead to schedule your visit. We did just that, and with friends Dawn and Adam in tow, we made the trip to Brookfield Vermont. It was a beautiful day for a  mostly uneventful drive, excepting the last mile or two, which involved some muddy roads. Once at the farm, two friendly dogs came to greet us, and introduce us to the cats and chickens wandering around.

Fat Toad Farm goats

Judith Irving and her goats

Judith Irving, one of the owners of the farm, introduced us to the girls and gave us a tour of the farm. This is an amazing place. The goats all have names and are very friendly; one of the cats, Hector, nuzzled with the goats; baby pigs snuggled in a pile of hay; chickens roam free amongst the dogs and cats. There are acres of pasture where the goats graze in the summertime.

At the end of our visit, we sampled some of the fresh goat cheese that Judith’s daughter and an apprentice were making. The cheese was flavored with pure maple syrup – what a great combination, and nice way to end our visit. Our minds are at work imaging heavenly cheesecake made of the stuff! In the meantime, we think that you’ll enjoy the caramel if it happens to be on the menu when you are here at our Woodstock, VT bed and breakfast!

Snow at Last! Vermont Inn Winter Activities

Vermont Inn snow

Bring your snowshoes

We’ve not had very much snow in Vermont this year. Until today, that is. I would guess that we have at least 12 inches as of 10 a.m. today (Wednesday) at Vermont Inn. I took this photo of the terrace just a few minutes ago. The forecast is for the snow to continue until about 1 a.m. on Thursday morning, with accumulations up to 20 inches. 

 For those of you that are joining us this weekend and early next week that asked me to work on the snow situation, here it is. Vermont winter activities await you – snowshoeing, cross country and downhill skiing, should be just terrific. Looking forward to seeing you soon at our Vermont bed and breakfast!

Vermont Antiques : Presse a Canard


Here it is, our latest find in Vermont Antiques. Nothing we would ever need, but what fun. We spied it in an antique shop in Montreal on a recent visit. It called to us from a whole lot of really beautiful things. Although neither of us had ever seen one before, it just looked like something we should have at our Vermont Bed and Breakfast. Somehow, we both knew what it was – a duck press.

Presse a Canard

Our wonderfully weird Presse a Canard

Sure enough, the tag on it said Presse a Canard, 1800’s, made in France.  We really didn’t plan on buying the press, but we took the dealer’s card, just in case.

That afternoon, we talked about the duck press a lot, how it would be fun to re-create the classic French dish, pressed duck. Neither of us had ever eaten it, but we remembered Julia Child writing about it. So, here you have it,  two suckers for French food and beautiful things – we really don’t mind if they’re useless,  almost makes it better. Dinner talk was all about the duck press, how fabulous it would look in the dining room, what a sweet addition it would be  to our little collection of antique culinary stuff.

So, after a good night’s rest, it still wasn’t out of our systems. Waiting for David to get ready to leave our hotel, I Googled the duck press. Funny how wrong you can be about something. We assumed that the press would be used to extract the juices out of the roasted carcass, to make some heavenly sauce for the duck meat.  That’s not entirely wrong, but it’s not close to right either. At the risk of offending anyone that might ever read another one of my blog entries, the press is all about getting as much blood out of the barely cooked carcass as possible.  It all starts with strangling a live duck so that as much blood as possible remains in the carcass. It doesn’t get better from there. Organs are involved.

After David  finished showering, I shared the news, he was not deterred. Good news, a phone call to the antique dealer revealed that no one beat us to the punch. It was all ours, he could have it boxed up within the hour. So, off we went back to the antique quarter in Montreal to pick up the presse a canard.

Oh we were so excited to get this beauty home. We had its spot in the dining room all picked out, just had to make the three and a half hour drive home. Only one delay – US customs. Being the honest folks that we are, of course we declared the duck press. Well, you can’t imagine how excited these folks got over this thing. They asked: “A duck press??? What does it do??? You have to strangle a duck??? You make a sauce out of the blood?” We provided our receipt, but they were really more interested in the purpose of the press, and in getting a look at this thing. Three separate agents questioned us, including a supervisor. They kept asking if we planned to use it, with a certain horror on their faces as they awaited our response.  It had to be unpacked from its big box for inspection. (We weren’t allowed to help in this process, had to wait inside the custom’s office, very high security.)  I guess that they eventually concluded that it was in fact a duck press, we weren’t terrorists, and they cleared us to bring it into the country.

It now happily resides in our dining room at the Village Inn of Woodstock, probably not to be used anytime too soon. Oh don’t get us wrong, we thought about trying to use it, but where on earth are we going to get a duck and strangle it, and who on earth would want to eat this with us? Heaven forbid we got our hands on a live duck, next we’d have to negotiate who is going to strangle it. Luckily this sort of treatment for animals is outlawed in our country.

For now, I think that I’ll stick to my recipe for slow roasted duck. If you’re afraid to cook duck, or have not had great results, this method really is  the no-fail ticket. Stay tuned for the recipe.

What, my mom is going to write a blog?

Spanky at our Vermont Inn

Hi, I’m Spanky


Hi, I’m Spanky. Let me just say welcome to our blog! Alfie and I have no idea what mom is thinking, we’ll just have to wait and see. (What’s next, she’s going to learn to text????) In any event, we look forward to sharing some of our behind the scenes moments at our Vermont Bed and Breakfast with you. Mind you, our idea of a great day is pretty simple – like today, we got to go for a walk to the bank, and the nice ladies there gave us cookies. I got to go behind the teller line to make an extra cookie withdrawal.  What a great day here in Woodstock!

Alfie at our Vermont Inn

This is Alfie

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